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Considered the greatest playwright of all time, this English dramatist died on 23 April 1616.
William Shakespeare


On the first of April Apple Computers was founded in California. In what year?


The writer of Jane Eyre was born in April 1816, what is her name?
Charlotte Bronte


12th April 1941 was the birth date of an English footballer and captain during the team's finest achievement. Name him.
Bobby Moore


One of the great Hollywood actors, born in April 1916, and who starred in To Kill a Mockingbird.
Gregory Peck


An armed uprising against British rule happened in Dublin between 24th and 29th of April, and became known as The Easter Uprising. In what year did it take place?


In April 1956 Elvis Pressley had his first number one in the USA with which record?
Heartbreak hotel


In April 1946 which current war torn country gained it's independence from France?


In April 1956 this Hollywood actress famously married and became a Princess. What was her name?
Grace Kelly


In April 1966 the author of The African Queen , and Horatio Hornblower novels, died. What was his name?


And a final bonus question - What is the origin of April Fools day?
Although there are many theories none of them stand up to scrutiny, so the truth is, no-one knows.