History Quiz (Round 1)

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What was the name on the Bronze Age civilisation which grew up on and around the island of Crete in the Mediterranean?



In what year did the Romans led by Julius Caesar, first invade Britain?



In 1492 Columbus set sail on a voyage during which he discovered Hispaniola and Cuba. What was the name of his ship?

Santa Maria


In 1819 at St Peters Field Manchester, cavalry was ordered to charge at a packed crowd of demonstrators. 15 people were killed and between 400 and 700 injured. What did this tragedy become known as?

The Peterloo Massacre


Henry Ford is credited with bringing affordable transportation to the mass market with which vehicle?

The Model T


How old was Joan of Arc when she was burnt at the stake? a) 19 b) 23 c) 27

a) 19


In 1953 Edmund Hillary was the first man to reach the summit of Everest along with which other person?

Tenzing Norgay (Sherpa Tenzing)


John Lennon was murdered by Mark Chapman. In what year?



In 1982 who famously disappeared in the Sahara Desert during the Paris-Dakar rally, only to be found 6 days later?

Mark Thatcher


In 1990 this person created the first web server and laid the foundations for the World Wide Web. What was his name?

Tim Berners-Lee