The Human Body Quiz Round 2

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What part of the eye can be described as the third and inner coat which is a light-sensitive layer of tissue?


What is the shorter of the forearm bones found at the thumb side of the arm called?


In what part of the body are the Metatarsal bones?


Where in the human body would you find the Trapezius muscle?
Upper back and neck


The technical name of the windpipe if what?


Located between the stomach and the diaphragm, this organ filters and stores blood to protect against infection and blood loss. What is it called?
The Spleen


What is the largest Artery in the human body?


What is the longest and strongest bone in the human body?


Found at the back of the leg what is a more common name for the calcaneal tendon?


What is the main muscle of respiration and which plays a major role in the breathing process?