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The Taj Mahal was commissioned to be built by which emperor?
Shah Jahan


The Red Fort, residence of the Mohgul emperor for over 200 years, is located in which city?


What is the capital of the southern India state of Telangana?


What is the name of the sport where a player from one side has to touch an opponent and escape back to his own half?


In cricket, who were the 2015 Indian Premier League champions?
Mumbai Indians


The Ranji Trophy is the first class cricket competition. Who were the champions in 2015?


What is India's most successful sport in the Olympics?
Field Hockey


Which Hindu festival is celebrated over a 5 day period during mid-October to mid-November?


Independence Day is one of three national holidays in India, on what date is it celebrated?
15th August


From which region of India does the dance form Bhangra originate?