It Happened in December (Round 3)

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A quiz about events connected to the month of December


The American singer Andy Williams was born in which decade?

1920’s (1927)


The world’s first text message was sent on the 3rd of December of which year? a) 1972 b) 1982 c) 1992

c) 1992


In 1927 which comedy duo released their first film ‘Putting Pants on Philip’?

Laurel and Hardy


Which famous novelist who died in December 1894 wrote the ‘Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’?

Robert Louis Stevenson


What happened for the first time at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa in 1967?

Human heart transplant


What was the name of the first edition of the world’s first Sunday Newspaper that was published in 1791? a) The Times b) The Guardian c) The Observer

c) The Observer


Which ship, although only slightly damaged, was found abandoned near the Azores in 1872?

Mary Celeste


In December 1958 the UK’s first motorway was opened to traffic as part of what would eventually become the M6, but what was it originally called?

Preston By-pass


Born in December 1963, what did Michael Edwards become known as after the Winter Olympics of 1988?

Eddie the Eagle


Which civil rights activist along with E. D. Nixon, led the Montgomery Bus Boycott which was instrumental in leading to segregation on buses being declared unconstitutional in the United States?

Rosa Parks