It Happened in January

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All the following questions are based on events or anniversaries that took place in the month of January


Which famous diarist started with a first entry on 1st Jan 1660?
Samual Pepys


In January 1877 Queen Victoria was proclaimed as Empress of where?


In 1959 Castro came to power in Cuba in a revolution that overthrew which dictator?


The currency of the Euro came into being in which year? a) 1991 b) 1995 c) 1999
c) 1999


Born in January 1735, who is best known for his ride warning the Americans of the British plans to raid Lexington and Concorde?
Paul Revere


In 1502, explorers landed at a place they called River of January in South America. Which nationality were they?


1892 saw the start of a process whereby 20 million people entered the USA via which island before it closed in 1954?
Ellis Island


Previously known as The Daily Universal Register, which newspaper began publishing in 1788?
The Times of London


Which commonwealth nation was founded in 1901 with Edmund Barton as the first Prime Minister?
Commonwealth of Australia


After the end of French rule in 1804, which country became the first black republic and second independant country in North America?