It Happened in January (Round 3)

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The questions are based on events that happened in a January


The 'Yorkshire Ripper' was arrested in January 1981 following one of the largest police investigations ever. What was his real name?
Peter Sutcliffe


Why did the USA president Richard Nixon sign a bill in 1974 restricting the speed limit for cars to 55mph?
To conserve fuel during an OPEC embargo


Pete Postlethwaite who died in January 2011 starred as Danny Ormondroyd the conductor of the band in which film?
Brassed Off


In 1941 German bombing severely damaged Llandaff Cathedral in which city?


Luna 1, the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Moon and to orbit the Sun was launched by which country in 1959?
Soviet Union


Born in January 1936 which American singer is perhaps best known for his hit song and karaoke classic 'King of the Road'?
Roger Miller


In January 1777 which American General defeated the British General Cornwallis at the battle of Princeton?
General George Washington


In 1833 the British claimed sovereignty over which south Atlantic islands?
The Falklands


Which state was admitted as the 49th US State in January 1959?