It Happened in July Quiz (Round 4)

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In 1997, Pathfinder, NASA's space probe landed on the surface of which planet?


The largest full-scale battle in history and the world's largest tank battle, began in July 1942. What was the battle known as?
The Battle of Kursk


Particles consistent with the Higgs boson were discovered in 2012 using which machine, currently (as of 2018) the worlds largest?
Large Hadron Collider


The United States Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Continental Congress in July of which year?


What was abolished in the State of New York in July 1827?


Israeli commandos raided which airport in Uganda in an attempt to free passengers from an Air France jet that had been hijacked?


The United States Military Academy at West Point New York opened in which year? a) 1802 b) 1812 c) 1822
a) 1802


In 1862 to whom did Lewis Carroll tell a story that would turn into Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequels?
Alice Liddell


Whose crown reopened to the public in 2009, after being closed for eight years due to security concerns?
The Statue of Liberty


In 1946 the Philippines gained full independence from which country?
United States