It Happened in March Quiz (Round 2)

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When George Galloway won the Bradford West by-election in March 2012, which party did he represent?
Respect Party


Which supertanker ran aground on the Cornish coast in March 1967 causing the worst oil spill in UK history and the death of 15000 seabirds?
Torrey Canyon


Which native american, who died 400 years ago, was captured by English settlers, and eventually married an English tobacco planter and moved to England with him?


Which American state, whose capital is Lincoln, became the 37th state of the USA 150 years ago 


In March 1867 what did the USA purchase from Russia for $7.2 million?


In Mar 1957 the stock market index commonly known as the S&P 500 was introduced. What does the initials S&P stand for?
Standard & Poor


What was pumped ashore at Easington in County Durham, England for the first time in March 1967?
North Sea Gas


On which island in 1977, did two Boeing 747 jumbo jets collide on a runway in heavy fog causing 583 people to be killed – the worst accident in aviation history.