March 2017 News Quiz (Round 1)

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Which former governor of California stepped down as host of the US celebrity version of The Apprentice this week?

Arnold Schwarzenegger


'Gang Signs & Prayers' is the debut album from which UK grime artist?

a) Giggs b) Skepta c) Stormzy

c) Stormzy


Which world famous artist has this week opened a new hotel situated in Bethlehem?



What is the name of Nintendo's new games console released this week?

Nintendo Switch


Footballer Leandro Bacuna has this week received a six match ban for abusing a linesman. Which club does he play for?

Aston Villa


Tom Hanks treated the White House press team to a new kitchen appliance this week. What did he buy them?

a) Espresso Machine b) A Microwave c) A Toaster

a) Espresso Machine


Which Australian tennis player beat Novak Djokovic in the Mexican Open this week?

Nick Kyrgios


The Hollywood premiere for the remake of Beauty and the Beast took place this week. Which British actor will play the role of the Beast?

Dan Stevens