March 2017 News Quiz (Round 3)

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The Forbes Rich list for 2017 has been published and once again Bill Gates comes top, but who is in second place?
Warren Buffet


Martin McGuinness, the former IRA leader who was deputy first minister of Northern Ireland until early 2017, has died aged 66. Which political party did he represent?
Sinn Fein


Which politician has been appointed editor of the Evening Standard.
George Osborne


The United States intelligence authorities has confirmed that GCHQ did not spy on Donald Trump (despite his tweets to the contrary). What does GCHQ stand for?
Government Communications Headquarters


Which England striker has announced that he will leave his club if they are relegated this season?
Jermain Defoe


Whose 100th birthday was marked by a 350ft image projected onto the cliffs near Dover?
Dame Vera Lynn


Bakers in Venezuela have been arrested for what crime?
Baking cakes instead of bread


One of the biggest uncut diamonds ever found, and weighing in at 706 carats, was discovered in which country recently?
Sierra Leone


What is the name of The Inspector Morse creator who died this week?
Colin Dexter


An 18th century painting, by which artist, was damaged in an attack at the weekend, whilst on display at the National Gallery in London.
Thomas Gainsborough