March 2018 News Quiz (Round 1)

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Britain has been under seige to the icy conditions this week, but what was the name of the storm which brought the snow?



It has been reported that the millenial generation are increasingly asking for plastic surgery to correct what many of them see as a disproportional facial feature. Why?

Selfies (the camera distorts the face to make the nose look bigger than it really is)


It has emerged that there was an assasination attempt on the Queen when she visited which country in 1981?

New Zealand


Which inquiry into the press's relationship with the police has been abandoned by the Government?

Leveson Inquiry


Which former Prime Minister waded into the Brexit debate when making a speach at the Creative Industries Federation this week?

Sir John Major


Which 2 American media companies are reported to be in competition to buy out Sky?

Comcast and Fox