It Happened in November Quiz (Round 3)

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All the following questions relate to events that happened in the month of November


Lulu, the Scottish singer-songwriter and actress was born in which decade?
1940s (1948)


What was the name of the female American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter who died in November 1926?
Annie Oakley


The first section of the M1 motorway was opened in which decade?
1950s (1959)


In novermber 1960, Penguin books was found not guilty of obscenity in a case about which book?
Lady Chatterley's Lover


Born in November 1934, in what field of activity did Ken Rosewall achieve fame?


A bill creating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was signed by which US President in November 1983?
Ronald Reagan


Acker Bilk, who died in 2014, was famous for which musical instrument?


In which country would you find the largest circulation English language daily newspaper originally founded in 1838?
India (The Times of India)


In 1973 as part of the Mariner Program, NASA launched Mariner 10 towards which planet? a) Mercury b) Venus c) Mars
a) Mercury


Born in November 1933, Jeremy Brett is perhaps best remembered for playing which fictional detective?
Sherlock Holmes