It Happened in September (Round 1)

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On 1st September 1939, Germany started World War II when it invaded which country?


Over a three day period 13000 houses were destroyed and 6 people killed in this catastrophic event in 1666.
The Great Fire of London


In 1609 Henry Hudson was the first European to discover this most densely populated of New York's boroughs.


In 1822 Brazil declared independence from which european country?


On what date was the worst terrorist atrocity carried out against the United States when 4 passenger jets were hijacked and crashed?
11 Sept 2001


In September 1953 John F Kennedy married Jacqueline. What was Jacqueline's maiden name?


In 1620 a small ship with 102 passengers set sail for America. The pilgrims finally set foot in Plymouth 3 months later. What was the name of the ship?
The Mayflower


In 1810 Chile declared it's independence from which european country?


In 1893 which southern hemisphere country was the first to grant women the vote?
New Zealand


In 1829 the first British police force was established in London. They became known as 'bobbies', why?
They took their nickname from the name of the Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel