It Happened in September (Round 3)

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In September 1752, Great Britain adopted which calendar almost 2 centuries later than the rest of europe?


In 1901 at the Minnesota State Fair, which then vice-president famously said - 'speak softly and carry a big stick'?
Theodore Roosevelt


The Japenese formally signed the agreement to surrender in September 1945 aboard which US ship?
USS Missouri


In 1945, President Ho Chí Minh declared Vietnam's independence from which country, under the new name of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam


Born in September 1913, Bill Shankly made 297 appearences as a player for which club?
Preston North End


Born in September 1965, Lennox Lewis, the last heavyweight boxer to hold the undisputed title of all 4 boxing organisations, retired in which year? a) 1996 b) 2000 c) 2004 
c) 2004


Which Scottish engineer and architect who died in September 1834, designed the Menai Suspension Bridge?
Thomas Telford


Who was the French historian and educator who died in 1937 and founded the International Olympic Committee?
Pierre de Coubertin


In 1189 – Richard I of England was crowned at Westminster. What was he also known as?
Richard "the Lionheart"


In 1650 during the Third English Civil Wars, the Royalist forces led by David Leslie, Lord Newark were defeated by the Parliamentarian forces led by who?
Oliver Cromwell