Music Quiz for Teens 2020 (Round 2)

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"What A Man Gotta Do" is a January 2020 single from which American group?

Jonas Brothers


Which Justin Bieber track opens with the line "Say the word, on my way. Any night, any day. Say the word, on my way"?



With which Cuban singer did Shawn Mendes team up with on the track "Señorita"?

Camila Cabello


The video for which Duo Lipa track sees the star dance through coloured section; red, yellow, blue, green and rainbow?



Which American sings "My last made me feel like I would never try again" on the opening line of this track Falling?

Trevor Daniel


In the video for "You Should Be Sad", which singer visits an underground Country and Western nightclub?



'Rare' is the third album from which American star?

Selena Gomez


"Alone, Pt. II" is a track from DJ Alan Walker and which American artist?

Ava Max