Musicals Quiz (Round 1)

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2020 Music

Ole Man River is a song composed in 1927 for which musical?

Show Boat


Younger Than Springtime, and Some Enchanted Evening are just two of the many classics from which musical?

South Pacific


What is the opening song in the musical Cabaret?



Anne Hathaway sang I Dreamed a Dream in the film version of which musical?

Les Miserables


‘Getting to Know You’ is one of the best known songs from which musical?

The King and I


Springtime for Hitler is a fictional musical from which film by Mel Brooks?

The Producers


Jersey Boys charts the story of which 60’s rock and roll band?

The Four Seasons


Which musical is based on the 1992 film of the same name which starred and featured songs by Whitney Houston

The Bodyguard