Quiz of the Year 2016 (Round 2)

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Which comedy writer and actress best known for her characters Mrs Merton and Denise Royle died this year?
Caroline Aherne


Said to be the world's tallest moving observation tower, the 'i360', opened in which British city?


Who won the 10000 m title at the Rio olympics when he defended his title to win gold?
Mo Farah


The world's largest aircraft crash landed on only its second flight. What is it's name?


2016 saw the passing of Gene Wilder. He starred in the film Young Frankenstein, and also as the character Leo Bloom in which film? 
The Producers


Sam Allardyce was sacked as England football manager, but he left with which 2 records?
Shortest reign by a permenant appointment and a 100% win record


Known as 'The King' one of golf all time greats died in 2016, name him.
Arnold Palmer


Which football manager celebrated 20 years in charge of his premiership team this year?
Arsene Wenger


Hurricane Matthew devestated which island country in October this year?


Which singer/songwriter attracted criticism for not immediately acknowledging his award of the Nobel prize for literature?
Bob Dylan