Quiz of the Year 2016 (Round 3)

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Which mediterranean country was hit by an earthquake which according to the authorities, killed at least 247 people?


Which record did 15 year-old Mumbai schoolboy Pranav Dhanawade create in cricket?
First batsman to score 1000 runs in a single innings


On what date did Britain vote on whether to leave the European Union?
23rd June


Which country knocked 2 times defending champions Spain out of the UEFA European Championship?


In January a team of women rowers were the first womens team to perform which feat? They rowed a) across the Atlantic b) around the world c) across the Pacific
c) across the Pacific


In February which film won the Best Film category at the BAFTAs?
The Revenant


Which song by Ed Shearan won a Grammy for song of the year?
Thinking out loud


The ICC World Twenty20 Cricket competition was held in which country?


Which Film won Golden Raspberry awards (Razzies) for Worst Film, Worst Actor and Worst Actress?
50 Shades of Grey


Which country did Barak Obama visit, the first U.S President to do so since 1928?