Quiz of the Year 2016 (Round 5)

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Which person who died in September 1997, was made a Saint by Pope Francis in September of this year?
Mother Teresa


At the 68th Emmy awards, which epic series won Outstanding Drama Series?
Game of Thrones


The world's largest radio telescope, which is 500m wide, began operations in a province of which country?


The 41st Ryder Cup saw the U.S. beat Europe by 17 - 11, but at what course was it played>? a) Hazeltine National b) Medinah III c) Castle Pines
a) Hazeltine National


In October Samsung announced it would stop production of Note 7 phones after devices caught fire. In which country are they based?
South Korea


The American company, Time Warner, agreed a buy-out for an eye-watering $85.4 billion, by which other company? a) Google b) Hewlett Packard Enterprise c) AT&T
c) AT&T


Which country finally signed a free trade deal with the EU after 7 years of negotiations?


Which government scrapped its large banknotes overnight, forcing holders to put them in a bank for exchange, thus helping to raise taxes by reducing the blackmarket economy in it's country?


Which Formula 1 World Champion has announced his retirement?
Nico Rosberg


What is the name of the Italian Prime Minister who has just resigned after losing a referendum to reform the constitution
Matteo Renzi