The Simpsons Quiz (Round 2 - Bart)

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What is Bart's first name short for?



What is the name of the actress who provides the voice for Bart?

Nancy Cartwright


As of 2018, what is unique about the season twenty episide 'Four Great Women and a Manicure'?

It is the only episode in which Bart does not appear (apart from the opening credits)


In season seven's 'Bart on the Road', Bart fakes a driver's licence and drives Milhouse, Nelson and Martin to which US state?

a) Tennessee b) Wisconsin c) New England

a) Tennessee


What is the name of Bart's graffiti-tagging alter-ego?

El Barto


In season six's 'Bart's Girlfriend', what is the name of the girl who becomes Bart's first girlfriend, much to the disgust of her parents when she steals the church money but he gets the blame?

Jessica Lovejoy


True or false: Bart is the only one of the 5 main Simpsons characters not named after someone in creator Matt Groening's family?



In season twenty-three's 'Holidays of Future Passed', it is revealed Bart will have two children, both boys, who will take their names from Star Trek characters. What are their names?

Kirk & Picard