Soul Music Quiz (Round 1)

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Holland -Dozier- Holland were the main songwriters for which label?
Tamla  Motown.


Diana Ross left which all female group in 1970?
The Supremes.


In what year did The Supremes reach the top of the US Charts with Baby Love?


‘I got sunshine on a cloudy day’ is the opening line to which Temptations song?
My Girl.


Who wrote the lyrics to Diana Ross ’ s hit Chain Reaction?
The Bee Gees.


Complete the line from this song to identify it’s title.
No muscle bound man could take my hand from.............

My Guy.


Which British singer had a hit with  ‘You don’t have to say you love me’ in 1966?
Dusty Springfield

‘Baby now that I’ve found you’ was a number one hit for which group?
The Foundations.