Sports Quiz (Round 19)

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Which international cricket playing nation is this an anagram of? NAILS ARK

Sri Lanka


Canadian Connor McDavid is a rising star in which sport?

Ice Hockey


How many players are there on a Baseball team?



As of 2017, which country had won the most Davis Cup tournaments in tennis? Spain or Russia



In which sport did Ding Ning become World Champion for a second successive year in 2017?

Table Tennis


Which city hosted the Olympic Summer Games in 2004?

Athens, Greece


Which US skier, born in New Hampshire in 1977 is known as one of the greatest of alpine skiers of all time, having collected both Olympic and World Championship gold medals?

Bode Miller


If Steve Davis has six, Ronnie O'Sullivan has five and John Higgins has four, how many does Alex Higgins have?

Two (Snooker World Championship titles)