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The Flag of Canada has what emblem on it?
A Maple leaf


John Cabot explored and claimed the North Atlantic coast of Canada for Henry VII of England in 1497. What nationality was Cabot?


Canada is the second largest country in the world, but in terms of land area it is only fourth. Why?
It has the largest proportion of freshwater lakes in the world.


Who was elected Prime Minister at the 42nd General Election of 2015?
Justin Trudeau


One of the all time great singer/sonwriters, born Roberta Joan Anderson, better known as?
Jonl Mitchell


Canadian racing driver who died in a crash in 1982 during qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.
Gilles Villeneuve.


What is the National Summer Sport of Canada?


What is the largest lake wholly in Canada?
The Great Bear Lake


Author who received the Arthur C Clarke Award in 1987 for her novel The Handmaid's Tale.
Margaret Atwood


Justin Beiber released his debut EP in 2009. What was it called?
My World