TV Catchphrases Quiz Round 2

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Who said during their frosty relationship "You know nothing Jon Snow"



Which Scottish duo often said Fan-Dabby-Dozy?

The Krankies


"Ooh I could crush a grape" was a phrase used by this Crackerjack presenter.

Stu Francis


The phrase "Just the facts ma'am" was said by Officer Joe Friday in the tv show Dragnet. True or False. 

False - it was created by a spoof record at the time and falsely attributed later.


Who was the first to use "it's good, but it's not right" on this popular game show.

Roy Walker


Fondly remembered for its 'Star' prize of a speed boat, this shows host would say "Let's see what you could have won". Name the host.

Jim Bowen


Probably responsible for more catchphrases than any other entertainer, one of which was "Good game, good game"

Bruce Forsyth


Which character says "Yeah but no but yeah but".

Vicky Pollard


Often said by parish councillor Jim Trott "No no no no no ..yes" comes from which comedy series?

Vicar of Dibley


This character from the Fast Show would usually end his sketch with the phrase "Which was nice". What is the character called?

Patrick Nice