USA Trivia Round 3

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Woody Allen was born in which City?
New York


J.F.Kennedy delivered his famous "Ich bein ein Berliner" to an ecstatic crowd in West Berlin. What was the year?


Hartford is the state capital of which USA east coast state?


Which President was the first to occupy the White House?
John Adams


Which city has LaGuardia Airport as one of its airports?
New York


The cheese Monterey Jack originated in which US state?


What was significant about the naval battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia in 1862?
It was the first sea battle between two predominately iron ships.


The Mississippi flows into the Gulf of Mexico, but rises in which State?


Born in New York in 1926 as Melvin James Kaminsky, what is this actor/comedian now known as?
Mel Brooks


The Salton Sea is the largest lake in which U.S State?