USA Trivia Round 2

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Known as 'Motor City' what is the actual name of this American city?



The French named this area "La Petite Roche" in 1799. What is this Arkansas city called now?

Little Rock


The territory obtained by the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 doubled the size of the existing states of america, when the USA bought the land from France. How much did it cost? a) $1.5 million b) $15 million c) $150 million

b) $15 million


The San Fransisco 49ers take their name from what event?

The Californian gold rush of 1849


Containing Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, and nicknamed The Beehive State, what is this state called?



This team plays its home games at the Sun Life Stadium in Florida. What is the team called?

The Miami Dolphins


This statue stands 93 metres high and represents the roman goddess of freedom, Libertas. By what name is it known?

The Statue of Liberty


What is the name of the most visited urban park in the USA?

Central Park


Annie Edson Taylor was the first person to perform this feat in 1901. When exiting the barrel she is reported to have said "No one ought ever do that again."

Went over Niagara Falls inside a barrel


Referred to as 'The Miracle on Ice' a team made up of US amatures and college students defeated the Soviet Union National Ice hockey team in the 1980 Winter Olympics. Where were the Games held that year?

Lake Placid