USA Trivia Round 4

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How many times has Los Angeles hosted the Summer Olympic Games?


Which Midwestern city was founded in 1701 by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac?


Which american city derives its name from the Native American word for wild garlic which grew in the area - shikaakwa?


Which US state is Washington DC a part of?
None, it is under the exclusive control of Congress and not part of any state.


Which state borders Louisiana to the north?


Which river separates Texas from Oklahoma and Arkansas?
Red River


What was the name of the Tennessee Titans when the franchise was in Texas?
Huston Oilers


Manhatten was purchased by Dutch colonists from Native Americans in 1626 for how much in terms of Dollars at todays level? a) $1050 b) $10,500 c) $105,000
a) $1050


Manhattan hosts three of the world's 10 most-visited tourist attractions in 2013: Times Square and Central Park are two of them, what is the third?
Grand Central Terminal


In the United States, the three races that make up the Triple Crown are:Kentucky Derby; Preakness Stakes; and which other race?
Belmont Stakes