1980s Music Quiz (Round 2)

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Which group had a UK number one single in 1980 with a cover of 'The Four Seasons' track 'Working My Way Back to You'?

The Detroit Spinners


Which group released 'We Built This City' in 1985?



Scottish brothers Jim and William Reid were founding members of which alternative rock band?

The Jesus and Mary Chain


'Face Value' was a 1981 album from which former member of the band Genesis?

Phil Collins


'Bridge of Spies' was the title of which British pop group's debut album?

a) T'Pau b) China Crisis c) Johnny Hates Jazz

a) T'Pau


In which year did Culture Club have a UK number one single with Karma Chameleon?



Which 1988 Michael Jackson hit begins 'I'm gonna make a change, / For once I'm my life'?

Man in the Mirror


'Torch', 'Hello Big Man', 'Spoiled Girl' and 'Coming Around Again' were 1980s studio albums from which American artist?

Carly Simon