2019 in Music Quiz (Round 1)

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Which Scottish singer-songwriter had a 2019 hit with 'Someone You Loved'?

a) Calvin Harris b) Lewis Capaldi c) Paolo Nutini

b) Lewis Capaldi


Sophie Turner appeared in the video of which Jonas Brothers single?

a) Sucker b) Pom Poms c) Cool

a) Sucker


Which British group featuring Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd reformed in 2019?



Which American singer had a UK number one album in 2019 with 'Hurts 2B Human'?

a) Mariah Carey b) Christina Aguilera c) Pink

c) Pink


Keith Flint passed away in March 2019. With which British electronica group did he make his name?

a) Prodigy b) Chemical Brothers c) Fat Boy Slim

a) Prodigy


Which 2019 hit contains the lyrics 'I got the horses in the back / Horse tack is attached / Hat is matte black / Got the boots that's black to match'?

Old Town Road


Ed Sheeran teamed up with which Canadian superstar on the May hit 'I Don't Care'?

a) Arianna Grande b) Selena Gomez c) Justin Bieber

c) Justin Bieber


Which UK rapper had a number one single in 2019 with Vossi Bop?