2000s Music Quiz (Round 4)

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Which All Saints single begins: "I've crossed the deserts for miles / Swam water for time / Searching places to find / A piece of something to call mine"?

a) Never Ever b) Bootie Call c) Pure Shores

c) Pure Shores


In which year did Travis release their second studio album 'The Man Who'?

a) 2000 b) 2002 c) 2004

a) 2000


Which American female vocalist had a 2000 hit with "I'm Outta Love"?



Which Christian Aguilera song begins: "Hey boy don't you know I got something going on, I got an invitation don't you keep me waiting all night long"?

a) Genie in a Bottle c) Come on Over Baby c) You Lost Me

b) Come on Over Baby


In which year did Madonna release a cover of Don McLean's American Pie?

a) 2002 b) 2001 c) 2000

c) 2000


Which LeAnn Rimes single features prominently in film Coyote Ugly?

a) Can't Fight the Moonlight b) How Do I Live c) This Love

a) Can't Fight the Moonlight


Which of these albums did Eminem release first?

a) Encore b) Recovery c) The Marshall Mathers LP

c) The Marshall Mathers LP


Which of these singles did Craig David release first?

a) What's Your Flava? b) When the Bassline Drops c) Fill Me In

c) Fill Me In