2017 Gone but not Forgotten Quiz (Round 4)

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All these personalities sadly passed away this year



Who was the English crime writer famous for writing the Inspector Morse series, who died in March?
Colin Dexter


British actress who played Vera in Coronation Street for 34 years.
Liz Dawn


Which musician who played with the Traveling Wilburys as well as the Heatbreakers, died in October?
Tom Petty


Tommy Gemmell, who died in March, was a footballer best known for playing for which side that won the European Cup on 1966-67?


American Hall of Fame pianist and singer-songwriter famous for "Blueberry Hill" amongst many others, died in October.
Fats Domino


Keith Barron, who died in November, starred alongside Gwen Taylor in which comedy about 2 couples who meet whilst on holiday in Spain?
Duty Free


Christine Keeler, who died in December, was an English model and showgirl who became involved in a scandal involving which politician?
John Profumo