2017 Gone but not Forgotten Quiz (Round 3)

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All the questions concern personalities who sadly passed away in 2017


This British socialite and friend of the Royal Family, who died in February, was runner-up in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2002
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson


Born William West Anderson, which actor found fame as the caped crusader?
Adam West


Barry Leslie Norman died in June. Which long running TV series did he present until 1998?
Film...(96, 97 etc)


This loveable character along with trainer Ashleigh was the first such act to win Britain's Got Talent.


Welsh actor known for his starring role in the TV sitcom Shelley, and also The Virgin Soldiers.
Hywel Bennett


Which French actress died at the age of 89, during her long career she is remembered for her prominence in the sixties, starring in films such as 'Jules et Jim' and 'Elevator to the Gallows
Jeanne Moreau


Who was the theatre, opera and film director, who died in September, and was director of the National Theatre from 1973 to 1988?
Sir Peter Hall


Television producer and host of British game show Fifteen to One.
William G. Stewart