2019 Quiz of the Year (Round 3)

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Which golfer won the biggest prize in golf ($2.25m) when he defeated Jim Furyk in the PGA Players Championship?

Rory McIlroy


In March Google announced that one of its employees had calculated Pi to how many place? a) 50.7 Million b) 100.2 Billion c) 31.4 Trillion

c) 31.4 Trillion


Volodymyr Zelensky won Ukraine’s presidential election in a landslide, but what was his job before? a) Journalist b) Comedian c) Circus performer

b) Comedian


Champion Belgian racing pigeon Armando sold for a record price of how much? a) 1.25m Euros b) 10.2m Euros c)  £100m

 a) 1.25m Euros


According to the World Happiness Report which European country is the world’s happiest? a) Germany b) Scotland c) Finland

c) Finland


March saw strikes by school children to raise awareness of climate change after being inspired by which teenager?

Greta Thunberg


Which politician’s wife’s biography ‘Becoming’ sold over 10 million copies according to its publisher?

Michelle Obama


Which religious leader made his first-ever visit to the Magreb region of Northern Africa?

Pope Francis


Why did NASA cancel an all female spacewalk in March? a) One of them had an infection b) Not enough space suits c) The Airlock malfunctioned

b) Not enough space suits (to fit females)


The Event Horizon Telescope took the first ever picture of what this year?

A Black Hole