2020 in Movies Quiz (Round 1)

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2020 Film Quiz of the Year Quiz questions for teenagers

Which actor plays Dr. Ivo Robotnik in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie?

Jim Carrey


Which 2020 film starring Robert Downey Jr tells the story of a physician who can talk to animals?



Gisaengchung is the original title of this South Korean film which collected four Oscars in 2020. What is the English title?



Based on the novel by Jack London, Harrison Ford attempts to survive the frozen Yukon in which 2020 film?

Call of the Wild


Which British author wrote the classic book of the same name on which the 2020 film Emma starring Anya Taylor-Joy is based?

Jane Austen


'Birds of Prey' starring Margot Robbie is based on which character from the DC Comics universe?

Harley Quinn


Rose Byrne, Salma Hayek, Lisa Kudrow star in which 2020 film about two friends who start a beauty business together?

Like a Boss


Will Smith and which other main star reprise their roles in 'Bad Boys for Life'?

Martin Lawrence