Animal World Quiz (Round 3)

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If you were being chased by a Baboon, what is the slowest speed you could run away at and be certain not to be caught?
31mph (top speed of a baboon is 30mph)


What is the collective noun for a group of chickens?


Which dog was first bred 150 years ago, was a cross of a Welsh Terrier and an Otter Hound and takes it's name from a valley in West Riding of Yorkshire
Airdale Terrier


What is the normal lifespan of an African Bush Elephant?
60-70 yrs


What are the clawed feet of an eagle known as?


What is a Capybara?
A large semi-aquatic rodent


What is the most populous Dolphin? a) Bottlenose b) Common c) Orca
a) Bottlenose


What is the off-spring of a Donkey and a Horse called?