Camino De Santiago (Round 1)

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What is this famous pilgrimage known as in English?
The Way of St. James (or St. James Path)


In 1985, the route of the pilgrimage was named one of UNESCO's what?
World Heritage Sites.


What is the date of St. James's Day?
25th July


Part of what mollusc is generally regarded as a symbol of the Camino de Santiago?
Scallop shell


The earliest records of pilgrims arriving from England was in which period? a) between 702 and 730 b) between 890 and 902 c) between 1092 and 1105
c) between 1092 and 1105


How many pilgrims travelled to Santiago in 2016? a) 50,440 b) 277,915 c) 712,285
b) 277,915


The oldest route to Santiago de Compostela, first taken in the 9th century, is referred to as the Original Way or Camino Primitivo, and begins where?


If travelling the pilgramage on a bike what distance needs to be travelled to receive a certificate of accomplishment?


A Pilgrim's Mass is held where?
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela


Who wrote and directed the film The Way (2010) starring Martin Sheen?
Emilio Estevez