Emmerdale Quiz of 2019

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A quiz to test your knowledge of some key events is Emmerdale in 2019


To whom did the show, broadcast on 16th December 2019, dedicate itself to, marking her passing at the age of 100?

Sheila Mercer (Annie Sugden)


Which character went into labour on New Years Eve?

Victoria Barton


Which character left the show in November when she moved to Australia?

Bernice Blackstock


Which actor was axed from the show following reports of a real life brawl with an actor from Hollyoaks?

Asan N'Jie


Who rescued Moira Dingle from the lake just before the sail boat exploded?

Cain Dingle


Which comedian, one half of a well known duo, made his Emmerdale debut in September?

Tommy Cannon