Australia's Largest City (Round 139)

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What is Australia's largest city in terms of population?


Which physicist and chemist was the first woman to be awarded a Nobel prize?
Marie Curie


The United States Military Academy is at West Point, but in which County of New York is it in?
Orange County


Who won the Bradford West by-election standing as a Respect Party candidate in 2012?
George Galloway


There are 3 types of weather front, Cold front and Warm front are two but what is the third?


Which lake holds by far the largest volume of water in the UK?
Loch Ness


What type of acid is vinegar?
Acetic acid


Who plays the part of the 'Beast' to Emma Watson's 'Beauty'?
Dan Stevens


The cocktail of vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice if known as a Moscow what?


What relationship is Elizabeth II to George V?