Nirvana's Greatest Hit (Round 147)

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"Load on guns, bring your friends / it's fun to lose and to pretend" is the opening line of which Nirvana hit?
Smells Like Teen Spirit


What is the largest city in Nigeria?


Which Democratic nominee did George W Bush defeat in the 2000 election?
Al Gore


Which video game classic features Gordon Freeman at the Black Mesa Research Facility?


Champion jockey Arthur Edward Breasley is better known as what?
Scobie Breasley


How many stars are on the flag of China?


Who was the Sheffield steelmaker who in 1856, developed a process of extracting carbon from pig iron to create product that was easier to convert to steel?
Henry Bessemer


At 645 miles long the river Tagus flows between which 2 countries?
Portugal and Spain


What was the second film in the Harry Potter series?
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


The study and tracing of lines of descent (family trees)is known as what?