Hieronymus Bosch (Round 163)

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Beaumaris Castle is in which part of the UK?
Isle of Anglesey


The artist Hieronymus Bosch was which nationality?


For what is Edward Jenner best remembered?
Vaccination for Smallpox


Which 'ghostbuster' directed Groundhog Day'?
Harold Ramis


Demi Lovato made her debut as a child actress in which American TV series?
Barney and Friends.


The Firth of Forth bridge carries which road across the estuary?


Which city, on the Miljacka River, was the location of events said to have sparked World War 1


As of 2016 only 2 people have been awarded Nobel prizes in more than one field, Linus Pauling is one, name the other.
Marie Curie


'The Wall' was a nickname given to which cricketer?
Rahul Dravid


Tommy Lee, founding member of Motley Crue, was born in which mediteranean country?

a) Greece b) Italy c) Turkey
a) Greece