Cheap As Chips! (Round 191)

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Which British TV presenter was known for his "Cheap as chips" catchphrase?

David Dickinson


Will & Grace actor Eric McCormack was originally cast as which Friends character?

Ross Geller (eventually played by David Schwimmer)


Which 1987 film contains the famous line: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."?

The Princess Bride


In 16th century Arabic it was known as 'qahwa', the Turkish called it 'kahveh' - what is it known as in the UK?



Which nation defeated England in the 2018 Women's Rugby Union World Cup Final to win the trophy for a fifth time?

New Zealand


What is the French phrase for 'If it pleases you'?

S'il vous plait


According to folklore, what kind of animal is 'Black Shuck' which is said to roam East Anglia?



In horse racing, how the is the 'Qatar Goodwood Festival' which takes place in July or August better known?

Glorious Goodwood


How old was Neil Armstrong when he first walked on the moon?

a) 24 b) 31 c) 39

c) 39


Which 'G' is a fast ride on a horse?