I’m Going to the Bathroom to Read (Round 247)

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2020 General Knowledge

Nicolas Cage starred opposite which former James Bond actor in the 1996 film The Rock?

Sean Connery



‘Floreat Etona’ is the motto of which British public school?




Which British comedian was known for the catchphrase ‘rock on, Tommy’?

Bobby Ball



The last words of which rock and roll star were said to be ‘I’m going to the bathroom to read’?

Elvis Presley



Farmer’s daughter Ann Hathaway was said to have married which English playwright?

William Shakespeare



Which boxer was known as the ‘Louisville Lip’?

Muhammed Ali



Which ‘M’ is a branch of philosophy concerning first principles?




Known for 'War', singer Charles Hatcher was better known by which name?

Edwin Starr



Which English football team won the Premier League in both 1996 and 1997?

Manchester United



Which country won the Eurovision Song Content three years in succession between 1992 and 1994?