Wallace and Gromit & Shaun the Sheep (Round 77)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.


In which year was the 'chip and pin' payment system introduced in the UK?

a) 2006 b) 2008 c) 2010

a) 2006


Steven Spielberg and Sophia Loren are godparents of which Hollywood actress?

Drew Barrymore


What was the name of the Portuguese explorer who was the first European to reach India by sea, arriving in 1498?

Vasco de Gama


'The Blades' is the nickname of which English football club?

Sheffield United


Lombardy is a region in the north of which European country?



Born in Preston, Lancashire in 1958, what is the name of the English director who created both the 'Wallace and Gromit' series as well as 'Shaun the Sheep'?

a) Steve Box b) Peter Lord c) Nick Park

c) Nick Park


In the USA it's known as an eggplant, but what would it be called in the UK?

a) Aubergine b) Broad Bean c) Mangetout

a) Aubergine


True or false: Sir Paul McCartney once served ten days in a Japanese prison



What is the heaviest weight class in professional boxing?

Heavyweight (Super-heavyweight is amateur boxing only)


What is the name of the Spanish rice dish, synonymous with the Valencia region?