Waiting for Godot (Round 172)

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Britain's largest National Park is in which country?
Scotland (Cairngorms)


Which common name for lateral epicondylitis would suggest you played a particular sport?
Tennis elbow


Which river discharges the greatest volume of water in the world?


W.B.Yeats won a nobel prize for literature in what year?

a) 1903 b) 1923 c) 1943
b) 1923


The airport at Skopje, Macedonia, is named after which ancient king?
Alexander the Great


Who is the author and playwright whose best known work is probably 'Waiting for Godot'?
Samuel Beckett


In Latin, unus times novem equals what?


Which top class West Indies batsman had, amongst others, the nickname of 'The Master Blaster'
Viv Richards


The Zodiac sign of Cancer starts in which month?


Calcium sulfate may be used to mend a broken bone, why?
It is Plaster of Paris and is used to make a cast