Halloween Film Quiz (Round 1)

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Updated for 2020!

The film Hocus Pocus is about 3 witches resurrected in Salem and stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy and which other actress known as much for her singing as acting?
Bette Midler


Who directed the film Halloween from 1978?
John Carpenter


Which film has as its main characters, Morticia and Gomez?
The Addams Family


In the film Beetlejuice, which actor played Betelgeuse, known for his comedy and 'dark' roles?
Michael Keaton


In the film of the same name, who is Casper?
The 'Friendly' ghost


Also in Casper, was a not very active Monty Python actor, name him.
Eric Idle


Who starred as Donnie Darko in the film of the same name?
Jake Gyllenhaal


In which film would you find the character Ichabod Crane played by Johnny Depp?
Sleepy Hollow


In the short film, Michael Jackson: Thriller, who was the narrator, himself the star of many a scary film?
Vincent Price


When a teenage girl is possessed by a mysterious entity, two priests are tasked with saving her. What is the film title?
The Exorcist