It Happened in April Quiz (Round 3)

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All the following questions refer to events which occurred in April


Which current sovereign city state became a British crown colony in 1867?


In 1948 the Faroe Islands gained autonomy from which country?


In 2001, which was the first european country to legalise same-sex marriage?


Pianist and composer Scott Joplin, who died in April 1917, was famous for which type of music?


In April 1882, the outlaw Jesse James was killed by which other outlaw?
Robert Ford


In 1968, who delivered his "I've been to the mountaintop" speech?
Martin Luther King Jr


Which British explorer was knighted in 1581 following his circumnavigation of the world?
Sir Francis Drake


Taking office in April 1721, this British Statesman is generally regarded as being the first British Prime Minister.
Robert Walpole