It Happened in July Quiz (Round 3)

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On the 2nd of July 1644 the largest battle of the English Civil Wars was fought on an expanse of wild meadow west of York. What is the battle known as?
The Battle of Marston Moor


In 1698 Thomas Savery invented and patented the first commercially used what, crucial to the industrial revolution?
Steam engine


Born in July 1964, Yeardley Smith is best known as the voice of which animated character?
Lisa Simpson


In July 2002, who became the first person to fly solo, non stop, around the world in a balloon?
Steve Fossett


Born in July 1929, and known for her extravagance, she went on to become the 10th First Lady of the Philippines.
Imelda Marcos


Which French physician and reputed seer who is best known for his book Les Propheties, allegedly predicting future events, died in 1566


Fought during the American Civil War, which battle involved the largest number of casualties of the entire war and is often described as the war's turning point?
Battle of Gettysburg


Which American novelist and journalist, whose debut novel was 'The Sun Also Rises' died in 1961
Ernest Hemingway


In July 1938 the world speed record for a locomotive is set in England by which train engine?
The Mallard


Tom Cruise, the american actor and producer was born in July, but which year? a) 1958 b) 1962 c) 1966
b) 1962