It Happened in June Quiz (Round 3)

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In 1215 Zhongdu was captured by Ghengis Khan and the Mongols. What is the city known as now?


Anne Boleyn was crowned queen of England, but in which year? a) 1533 b) 1583 c) 1633
a) 1533


The RUC was founded in June 1922, what do the initials stand for?
Royal Ulster Constabulary


The actor best known for playing the lead role in the long running TV series 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' died in June 1985, can you name him?
Richard Greene


The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place in June of which year?


The Battle of Dunkirk ends with defeat and retreat by the Allied forces in which year?


In 1989 the Chinese Government sent in troops to clear which square that had been occupied for 7 weeks by protesters?
Tiananmen Square


Suzi Quatro was born in June 1950, what was the title of her first UK No.1?
Can the Can


Name the actor who died in June 2009 and was famous for playing the part of Shoalin Monk, Kwai Chang Caine in the TV series Kung Fu.
David Carradine 


In June 1783 which brothers first publicly demonstrated their hot air balloon?
The Montgolfier Brothers