It Happened in March Quiz (Round 3)

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In 1692, Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba were brought before local magistrates of which village, to be tried as witches?


E Remington and Sons, New York, began the production of the first practical what in 1873? a) Food Processor b) Calculator c) Typewriter

c) Typewriter


Bobby Sands began a hunger strike in HM Prison Maze in 1974. Of what organisation was Sands a member?
Provisional IRA


Which city in South America was founded by the Portugese in March 1565?
Rio de Janeiro


Which Soviet premier died in 1953, 4 days after suffering a stroke?
Joseph Stalin


Established in 1862, which was the world's first national park?


In 1974, 7 people were charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice and indicted for their role in which break-in?


Which major British financial institution was nationalised in 1946?
Bank of England


In 1954 the USA exploded a hydrogen bomb during a test where in the Pacific Ocean?
Bikini Atoll


In 1998, which film became the first to gross over $1 billion worldwide?